East Dean, nr. Chichester, West Sussex

Timber Identification Competition

This is a free to enter competition with a top prize of £500 if you can name all 16 timbers. 

Should there be more than one person who correctly guesses all 16, the money will be shared between them.

If no-one manages to identify them all, a £200 prize will be awarded to the person with the most correct answers.

What have you got to lose, make sure you have a go.

2022 Answers

A ~ Elder

B ~ Cherry

C ~ Walnut

D ~ Yew

E ~ Tamarisk

F ~ Sycamore

G ~ Larch

H ~ Douglas Fir

I ~ Croatian Elm

J ~ Sycamore

K ~ Cedar of Lenanon

L ~ Elm

M ~ Oak

N ~ Ash

O ~ Chestnut

P ~ Chestnut

Q ~ Western Red Cedar

R ~ Beech

S ~ Strawberry